General Information


Who We Are:  The Herndon Golfers Club (HGC) is a friendly, competitive golf league for men and women of all ages and abilities.  All play is on weekends from April through November at the Herndon Centennial Golf Course in Herndon, Virginia.  There are 12 tournaments on the schedule.  Ten of the tournaments are one-day events, while the two club championships (individual and 2-person) are contested over multiple rounds and days.  Members can play in as many events as they like.  Men play  from the black tee markers.   Men over age 60 can elect to play from the blue tee markers and over 70 from the white tee markers.  Men’s handicaps are adjusted based on the tees that they play.  Women play from the combo tee markers. Women over 60 can play from the white tees. They, too, can chose to play from other tee boxes with appropriate adjustments to their handicaps.

Membership:  The HGC is actively seeking new members.   Please use this link to find a membership application  In addition to our normal membership, we offer a limited membership for members who know they will only be able to play in a limited number of events.  Limited members can also elect to convert to the traditional unlimited membership at any time during the season by paying the additional fee.  The membership options are as follows:

Option 1 
Unlimited membership, $150 fee provides entry to all 12 HGC tournaments.

Option 2 –
Limited membership, $50 membership fee, plus, $10 per regular tournament and $15 for each club championship round (Individual is 2 rounds and Two-Person is 2 rounds).  The per-tournament fees are payable the day of each tournament.

How to Sign Up for the Tournaments: For the first tournament is in April and the sign-up sheet will go up on the bulletin board at the Herndon Golf Course in mid-March.  Tournament sign-ups are closed the Friday a week before the tournament date. It is each player’s responsibility to sign up at the golf course.  DO NOT CALL THE HERNDON GOLF COURSE. It is not their responsibility to sign you up.  If you are unable to get to the golf course either to sign up or to cancel, please e-mail Dick Witters at  A golfer who fails to notify us of his/her cancellation by the Wednesday before the tournament will not be eligible to play in the next scheduled tournament. Late sign-ups or golfers who show up on tournament day without having signed up, may not be able to play if our tee times and pairings are full.

Tournament Awards: Tournament awards will be pro shop “gift certificates” for both NET and GROSS places.  Tournament ties are settled for 1st and last place finishes only.  Ties are broken by matching cards using the total score for the three lowest handicap holes.  Three-hole totals will continue until ties are broken.  Ties for other places will share equally in their respective share of the awards.  Ties in our two Club Championships (Individual and Two-Person) will be decided by sudden death playoff.  Playoff will begin with holes 1, 2 and 3.  Please be sure to remain after your round.  Failure to play the same day will result in forfeit.

Handicaps: Handicaps are calculated by HGC and are based on the best 5 HGC tournament scores out of the last 10 HGC tournaments.  Handicaps will be adjusted after every postable round, except for the championships where they will change after the tournaments are complete.  If you do not have five tournament scores then we will use either 80% of a valid USGA handicap or load your last five scores and take 80% of that number until you meet the minimum threshold of five tournaments. If you do not have five scores or an otherwise valid handicap, you are eligible to compete only for gross awards until your handicap is established.  Our maximum handicap for men is 28 and for women is 36.

General Rules:

  1. ALL EQUIPMENT used in tournament play MUST CONFORM TO USGA rules and standards.  Use of non-conforming equipment (to include clubs, balls, and tees) will result in disqualification.
  2. USGA rules shall apply to all play unless changes at the time of the tournament.  Exceptions include:
    1. Range finders are allowed during competitions.
    2. If cart path only is enforced by the course, we will allow for preferred lies in your fairway only.  Balls can be lifted, cleaned and placed.
    3. Plugged lies through the green, not in hazards, can be lifted, cleaned and dropped.
    4. The time allowed to search for a lost ball is limited to 3 minutes.  It is recommended that a provisional ball be hit whenever there is a question on a hit ball.
  3. Tournaments will be held rain or shine as long as the course is open.
  4. You must CHECK IN 30 minutes before your scheduled tee time or you will be disqualified.  The sign-in desk will be closed 30 minutes before last tee time.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  5. Please DO NOT call the Pro Shop for your tee time until AFTER 12:00 PM THURSDAY before the tournament.  Tee times will also be available on our website by the same time.
  6. Tournament pairings are made by handicap program with random pairings.
  7. Speed of play is an issue and groups falling more than one hole behind the group in front of them at the end of the round may be penalized two strokes per player.  This will be monitored by HGC.
  8. The course allows players to either walk or ride.  The green fees are adjusted accordingly.
  9. In addition to the green fees, we will ask for $2 for our closest to the pin competitions on the four par threes during each round.  The winners will receive payout for this at the end of the tournament.
  10. A $1 donation will be collected when you sign in for a Hole-in-One kitty.  Should any player card a hole-in-one during a completed tournament there will be a $500 award..

In an effort to encourage more participation in our tournaments, we are instituting the HGC Swing.  There are 9 tournaments (**) which are postable as individual rounds.   To be eligible, a player must participate in enough of our individual tournaments to post 7 rounds.  The gross and net scores from those 7 rounds will be added together to obtain both gross and net totals.  If an individual plays in all of our individual tournaments, only his lowest 7 rounds will be calculated.   The individual with the lowest gross total and the individual with the lowest net total will receive trophies as our HGC Swing winners.